About Us


For the longest time my life consisted of early mornings, endless phone calls, creative meetings, deliveries, installations, coffee (lots of coffee) and emails as far as the eye could see; the sound track to my life was literally the “swoosh” of an email being sent. My love affair with graphic and visual design spanned over a decade, captivating my mind and enriching my life with relationships, experiences and creativity. I truly loved it.

Until one day I received the most precious of deliveries, addressed to me. This delivery would inevitably change every aspect of my life, rearrange my perspective and show me passion and adoration beyond any expectation. My little one, Mila ... my inspiration behind Parcelle.

Parcelle encapsulates my infinite experience in design by delivering a gifting experience that is uniquely intimate and elegant. Each and every “Parcelle” delivery includes a beautifully personalised box with carefully curated pieces to compliment any occasion. For your convenience, our boutique design studio ensures that your Parcelle is delicately designed, packed and shipped in no time, without compromising on quality or luxury.

We are proud to launch Parcelle with our elegant Baby Parcelle range, with others becoming available in the very near future.

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With Love,

Jen xx

Parcelle HQ 
P: 0403 123 523