Welcome to PARCELLE

Why hello there!! We see you have made your way to our blog!! Welcome to PARCELLE!!

Parcelle delivers a gifting experience that is uniquely intimate, elegant and above all personal.

We were proud to launch Parcelle almost a year ago with our elegant Baby Parcelle range which includes a beautifully personalised box with carefully curated pieces to celebrate a beautiful new little addition into your world. Perfect for that baby announcement, baby shower or first visit for that wishful never ending cuddle!

We also launched our Personalised Box range, where you can create your own design! So if you have a gift of your own these are the answer to your wrapping woes! Plus, we will have it packed and shipped in no time (FOR FREE at the moment… you should get on that yeah?!)

But now we think it’s about time we stated to celebrate a lot more! So it’s only going to get more fun from here. With constant updates, new boxes, and big developments, you won’t want to miss what we have in store!